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Core Services

Drupal, Wordpress, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL

Developing for the web since 1997 with a variety of technologies over the years. Current services include:

Current Services

  • CMS [both front and back end development]:
    • Drupal
    • Wordpress
  • Technology
    • PHP
    • MySQL, PostGres
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript, AJAX, JSON
    • Git & git-flow
    • Ecommerce [eg, Ubercart, Drupal Commerce]
    • Payment gateways [eg Worldpay, Paypal, Stripe]
  • Campaign Monitor Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Site Design
  • Site maintenance
  • Hosting Set up



  1. Information Gathering
    Before any build starts, it is important to make sure everyone knows what the expected end result is.
  2. Design
    If you do not already have site design, designs will be created based on the data from the information gathering phase.
  3. Build
    We have a specification, we have designs. Now the build process can begin! The initial development is carried out on a local development until is it in reliable state ready to be reviewed. 
  4. Staging
    Local development complete, it is deployed to a staging site environment ready for testing and approval. This is not normally a publicly available environment, mainly to prevent search engines picking up the test site and diluting your search engine ranking. 
  5. Bug fixes
    Hopefully, there should not be any! But we spend time testing staging to make sure that the site does what it is meant to do before any of your customers see it.
  6. Signoff
    It is all working as expected, so its time to go....
  7. Live
    Its all good to go live!
  8. Maintenance / Further Development
    If you take on a maintenance contract, then the site will have security updates applied shortly after they are made public.
    Further development can be carried out as required, following the steps above.


If you would like some project examples, please look at the portfolio.

There is some further background information in experience. When you are ready to get your project up and running, contact me for more information.