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A collection of thoughts that may or may not be interesting.

Sakura Brae

Drupal 7 responsive layouts with Omega, Delta and Context


08 May 2013

Summary: I recently completed a responsive layout Drupal 7 build, which was on a tight deadline. As there was less time for R&D than I would have liked, I had to launch into the build before fully understanding some of the principles I had committed myself to. With a bit of luck this may offer some idea of what is involved in setting up a responsive layout without falling into some of the traps I did. Overview:

Sakura Brae

Monday To Friday Site Publicity

work, drupal

25 Feb 2013

A few weeks ago I noticed the Mail Online had an article about the Monday to Friday site I built last year: Mail Online article about the Monday To Friday site. It's always nice to see your work referenced by well-known brands! Mail Online Article [PDF version - if the link goes dead!]

Sakura Brae

CSS step arrows

work, css

21 Sep 2012

Recently had to make a multi step form which had a step navigation and an arrow that points in the direction of travel, so you could see how far you had got through the form. Normally I would have used images to generate the arrows, but as there was a good chance that both the size of the text and the colours would change, I wanted to do a CSS version that would remove the tedious image updates that would have followed. Due to the way the form was set up, I used JQuery for much of the element control.