Summary: I recently completed a responsive layout Drupal 7 build, which was on a tight deadline. As there was less time for R&D than I would have liked, I had to launch into the build before fully understanding some of the principles I had committed myself to. With a bit of luck this may offer some idea of what is involved in setting up a responsive layout without falling into some of the traps I did. Overview:

Sakura Brae

I was doing my rounds of the Ingress portals, which is a fun way of getting out and about for some exercise. I had to wait for about 5 minutes to let the portal recharge so I watched some cormorants diving for their lunch. In the distance something surfaced and then submerged without me properly seeing the shape, but it now had my undivided attention. It popped again and I could see this was not a seal, which are the normal diving mammals in the Clyde Estuary, but a Dolphin!

A few weeks ago I noticed the Mail Online had an article about the Monday to Friday site I built last year: Mail Online article about the Monday To Friday site.

It's always nice to see your work referenced by well-known brands!

Mail Online Article [PDF version - if the link goes dead!]

Sakura Brae

Woke up this morning at 0530 hrs. To quote Adrian Cronauer [Robin Williams] in Good Morning Vietnam: "What does the 'O' stand for? O my God, it's early!"

Sakura Brae

I have cleared out my office. About 5 years ago it was all put into packing boxes while building work was carried out and last week I emptied the last few boxes. The push came because the PC Tower has sat on the some of the packing boxes with a wooden plank on top to spread the weight. The sides of the box bowed out and looked ready to collapse. It was probably safer to throw away the boxes and not let it collapse, sending my PC crashing to the floor.

I was making lunch today, which involved roasting, chicken, butter and cheese. It ended up looking nothing like the pictures in the recipe book I was following. Given the nature of the ingredients involved, I think the photos may have had a little artistic licence. For example, how does a mixture of cheese, butter and tomato purée retain it's solid state at 200 degrees centigrade to then to reveal a nice layer between the breast of the chicken and the skin as it is carved? But we are all wiser after the event :)

The end of an era!
After 3 1/2 years, the garden terracing project is complete!
The last challenge was to lay the turf. Turf is surprisingly heavy and towards the end found that I had a strong back ache. The incorrect lifting techniques I used at the beginning certainly came back on me later! Lift with the legs! Form is all!
I had planned on a nice flat lawn and thought that by spending hours raking it and dragging a weighted wooden pallet over it, that is was I would do.

Recently had to make a multi step form which had a step navigation and an arrow that points in the direction of travel, so you could see how far you had got through the form. Normally I would have used images to generate the arrows, but as there was a good chance that both the size of the text and the colours would change, I wanted to do a CSS version that would remove the tedious image updates that would have followed. Due to the way the form was set up, I used JQuery for much of the element control.

Sakura Brae

I am very fortunate. I live in a house near the sea, with a wonderful wife and two fantastic kids. I can see, hear, walk, and use my hands. I work and have enough money. [Ok, more money is always nice, but so long as you can pay the bills, eat and have something left over, everything else is a bonus].

Last Saturday (23 June 2012) my Nikon Family gained a new member, a nice shiny new D700! A what a beast it is too, haven't even scratched the surface of what it can do, mainly because the manual it was sent with is in French. It is unbelievably fast - it almost takes a photo BEFORE I press the button. Just need to attach a worthy lens to it, but that will have to wait until another day!
My family are already running away when they see it in my hand... could be time to head for the hills :)